Ctrl Z Campaign

Instagram Ads

What looks like a typical influencer Instagram picture becomes a lesson in reinvention when the still comes to life and the subject speaks to the viewer, letting them know it’s not too late to undo themselves from the pack and take control of their creativity.

Banner Ads

When people search for a Mac, or other related search terms, our banner ads will gently remind them that there’s another opinion.

Ctrl Z IG App

Instagram is a space to express yourself and your uniqueness, but what happens when your feed begins to look like everyone else’s? Enter: Ctrl+Z IG. We’ll flag the photos that follow the trends, providing you with a chance to hit undo and start fresh. Your reinvention awaits. Take Ctrl Z.

Coffee Shop Mini Campaign

These days, a coffee shop might as well be an Apple store, what with MacBooks being as ubiquitous as lattes. So we brought our messaging directly to the people who need to hear it most.